"Anyone can tell the time, it's how you do it that matters." 

Daniel Perianu is the master behind his ever-growing Instagram, @danthewatchguy. He is one of many highly important and influential watch savants that are taking Instagram by storm. Daniel is a very challenging character to describe, he voices his opinions with ease and does not hold back. Daniel is currently pursuing an education within Industrial Design in Vancouver, Canada. Post education, Dan is determined to work in his dream industry; the luxury watch industry. Specifically, as a Creative or Managing Director. When faced with a challenge, Dan takes the foremost open-minded approach into solving the task at hand. When fuelled with his passion for Horology, the work which he produces is nothing short of inspiring. As a collector, he has amassed a very solid collection of watches at a very young age. He was always surrounded by precious metals and jewels, this is due to the fact that his mother was and still is a jeweller. This puts him far ahead of the pack when it comes to involvement with luxury goods.  What sets Daniel apart from other watch aficionados is that he engages with his followers as if he knew them forever; does not hesitate to joke and takes his time when helping anyone with their inquiries within Horology and beyond.  
Daniel is passionate, highly knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft. 

danielperianu@shaw.ca // @danthewatchguy